2895.     ROSENDAHL, F.  [Chemical Utilization of Coal.]  Metallbörse, vol. 19, 1929, pp. 397-398, 455-456, 510-512, 622-624, 678-680, 733-735; Chem. Abs., vol. 23, 1929, p. 3557.

        An attempt to cover in 1 article (1) the constitution of coal; (2) low- and high-temperature distillation of coal; (3) application of the gases for the synthesis of hydrocarbons and fertilizers; (4) liquid fuels:  Benzene, alcohol, hydronaphthalene; (5) production of oils without coking.  Conclusion:  The direct utilization of coal for the production of valuable products is still an unsolved problem, but the new processes for combining CO, CO2, and H2 obtained from coal, low-temperature distillation, high-temperature distillation, and the indirect treatment of coal and its products by catalysts have already proved their worth.