2894.     ---------------.  [ROSE, H. J.]  New Chemical Processes Based on Coal and Their Significance.  Crucible, vol. 32, October 1947, pp. 244, 246.

        Paper read before the Pittsburgh section of the American Chemical Society.  Approximately ˝ of the world’s coal reserves are in the United States and about 40% of the United States production has been in Pennsylvania.  Coal constitutes 98.8% of the proved fuel reserves of the United States.  It is, therefore, natural that coal should become the raw material for the production of gaseous and liquid fuels as well as chemicals.  Some information was given on the Fischer-Tropsch and the Bergius processes for the production of gaseous and liquid fuels, and several new processes were briefly discussed for the production of chemicals from coal, such as acetylene chemistry, synthetic rubber, organic acids from coal oxidation, chemical methods for ash reduction, active C, ion-exchange mediums, waxes, and resins.