2889.     ROĬTER, V. A., GAUKHMAN, S. S., AND LEPERSON, M.  [Investigation of the Adsorption of Hydrogen and Nitrogen on Iron-Molybdenum-Ammonia Catalysts.]  Acta Physicochim, U.R.S.S., vol. 4, 1936, pp. 145-158; Chem. Abs., vol. 30, 1936, p. 3707.

        Stable catalyst composed of 18.5% Mo, 74.1% Fe, and 7.4% Al2O3 was prepared by reduction at 450°.  At 1 atm. its activity is the same as that of the unstable catalyst without Al2O3 but, at 150 atm., it is 8 times as great.  At -183°, adsorption of H2 is completely reversible.  Above 0°, a slow “irreversible” adsorption begins, more marked for the still unfatigued and especially the promoted catalysts.  N2 shows only van der Waals reversible adsorption with Q=about 4,500 cal. at 25° for the unpromoted and 12,000 cal. for the Al2O3-promoted catalyst.  The mechanism proposed by Emmett and Brunauer (abs. 823) is criticized.