2888.     ROĬTER, V. A., AND GAUKHMAN, S. S.  [Adsorption Properties of Differently Prepared Iron Catalysts of the Same Composition.]  Ber. Pissarjewsky Inst. physik. Chem., Akad. Wiss. Ukr. S.S.R., vol. 12, 1940, pp. 3-11, in German 12-13; Chem. Abs., vol. 35, 1941, p. 2686.

        Study was made of the nature of adsorption of H2 and N2 within the interval of -184 to +425 on 2Fe catalysts used in the synthesis of NH3.  The catalysts contained 98% Fe2O3 and 2% Al2O3.  1 of the catalysts was fused in an electric arc.  3 types of sorption of H2 were observed; physical sorption at 184 and 2 types of activated sorption analogous to pure Fe and other promoted catalysts.  With the fused catalyst there was activated sorption of N2 at 250-425 with measurable speed, but there was no measurable sorption of N2 on the unfused catalyst.  Measurements also were made of the kinetics of NH3 synthesis (both catalysts were used).  The catalytic activities are compared with the sorption characteristics.