2874.     ROELEN, O., AND FEISST, W.  [Improved Method for the Determination of Sulfur in Gas.]  Brennstoff-Chem., vol. 15, 1934, pp. 187-192; Chem. Abs., vol. 28, 1934, p. 6278.

        Method of Heinrich and Petzoid for the determination of total or organic combined S has been improved mechanically, to permit greatly increased throughput and absorption in alkaline H2O2.  Apparatus for the combustion method has been improved also.  Typical comparative data for both old and new apparatus are given with demonstration of the decreasing organic S content of gases with storage.  Completely purified gas also is shown to reacquire S from distribution systems.  For comparative purposes, gas samples must be identical in time, place, and other sampling conditions.  Extensive bibliography of S-determination methods, grouped according to absorption agents.