2872.     ---------------.  [ROELEN, O.]  [Determination of Double Bonds and Their Terminal Constituents in Hydrocarbons by Ozonization and the Application of This Method to the Determination of the Olefin Distribution in Fischer-Tropsch Products.]  Erdöl u. Kohle, vol. 3, 1950, p. 591.

        Abstract of a paper presented at the 3d meeting of Die deutsche Gesellschaft für Mineralölwissenschaft und Kohlechemie.  Olefinic double bonds can be determined by weight analysis by adding ozone and ascertaining the increase in weight.  The method gives accurate and reliable values, in many cases even when the addition of halogens fails to work.  Terminal double bonds were determined by cracking the ozonides obtained as previously and determining the formic acid produced.  With Fischer-Tropsch products, the characteristic dependence of the a-olefin constituents upon the production conditions and the size of the molecules was established in this manner.  The experimental results also support the theory for the range of molecules above C8, whereby primary a-olefins are formed in the hydrogenation of CO and are finally partly isomerized.