2842.     RODILLON, G.  [Formula Permitting the Unique Calculation of the Boiling Point of Normal Saturated Hydrocarbons CnH2n+2 as a Function of the Number of Carbon Atoms in the Molecule.]  Bull. soc. chim., 1950, pp. 839-840; Chem. Abs., vol. 45, 1951, p. 1824.

        Following empirical formula was utilized:  Log Tn=(0.5145-0.00122n) log N+P+1.303, where T is the boiling point in K at 760 mm., n is the number of C atoms, and P is the weight % of C in the molecule.  Tabular data were presented, which indicated that the results were accurate to 1-3 for molecules containing 1-19 C atoms.