2833.     ROBERTS, G.  Production of Liquid Hydrocarbons and Chemicals From Natural Gas.  Oil Gas Jour., vol. 46, No. 26, 1947, p. 40; Petrol. Processing, vol. 2, 1947, pp. 905-906.

        Abstract of paper presented at the meeting of the Independent Natural Gas Association of America.  Synthetic gasoline from natural gas now is competitive economically with gasoline from crude oil, and if crude oil were to rise approximately $1.00 per bbl., gasoline from coal would then be competitive with petroleum gasoline.  Gasoline from coal may become a reality by 1950.  Commercial use of the synthesis process will give great impetus to the organic chemical industry.  In this connection, the work now being planned for the plant of the Stanolind Oil & Gas Co. at Hugoton is described.  Application of the fluid technique to operation of the synthesis process is discussed.