2822.     RIEDL, R.  [Gas Developments in Czechoslovakia.]  Rev. gén. gaz, vol. 69, No. 3, p. 73; Coke and Gas, vol. 9, 1947, p. 350.

        Summary of a detailed study of the production of gas by the Lurgi process and of the development of the Czech gas industry within the 2-year plan provided by nationalization.  Typical analyses are given of gas obtained by treatment of a Czech lignite.  A Lurgi producer, dealing with 8-20 mm. lignite and rate at 3,000-4,000 m.3 of gas/hr., produced 700 m.3 of gas and 80 kg. of tar/metric ton of lignite and requires/m.3 of gas; O2, 0.19 m.3 at 22 atm.; steam, 1.25 kg. at 25 atm.; electric energy, 0.16 kw.-hr.; and water 0.06 m.3  Three Lurgi producers at the Stalin works near Möst have been in service since 1945 and appear to have given no difficulty in operation.  A map shows the development of the Czech gas industry.