2814.     ---------------.  [RHEAD, T. F. E., AND WHEELER, R. V.]  Effect of Temperature and Pressure on the Equilibrium:  2 CO=CO2+C.  Jour. Chem. Soc., vol. 99, 1911, pp. 1140-1153; Chem. Abs., vol. 5, 1911, p. 3644.

        Authors have previously investigated this equilibrium at atmospheric pressure (abs. 2813).  Further measurements have now been made at 0.5-3 atm., in order to prove whether the expression (N’-N) in P in Le Chatelier’s general equation for mobile equilibrium satisfies experiment in this particular case.  The reaction vessel of quartz glass was heated in an electric resistance furnace wound with Pt wire.  Temperatures ranged from 800°-1,100° and were measured by means of a Pt-PtRh thermocouple placed outside the quartz vessel.  The equation (38,055+2.02 T-00031 T2)2T+In P+In (C21/C2)=k was found to satisfy the data obtained.  In this equation T is absolute temperature, P the pressure in atmosphere, C1 and C2 the fractional concentrates of CO and CO2, respectively, and k a constant.  Equilibrium was reached rapidly at the higher temperatures, but at 800° it was attained only after heating for more than 70 hr.

        RHEINHEIMER, W.  See abs. 1610.

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