2812.     REVUE PÉTROLIFÈRE.  [Substitute Motor Fuels, A Study of Hydrogenation Processes From the Economic Standpoint.]  Feb. 8, 1930, p. 210.

        Yields per ton of coal treated are given for various processes.  The Bergius process yields 150 kg. of gasoline, 200 kg. of diesel or impregnating oil, 80 kg. of fuel oil, and 60 kg. of lubricating oil.  The Patart, Badische Anilin u. Soda Fabrik, or Fischer-Tropsch methods give 400-600 kg. of MeOH, 200-600 kg. of liquid hydrocarbons, and recovery of the gases from coke manufacture, 5-10 kg. of C6H6, 5 kg. of EtOH, 5-7 kg. of MeOH.  The Fischer process at ordinary temperature requires a very large plant.  The apparatus for the production of synthetic MeOH, although less cumbersome, is not less costly.

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