2811.     RETTENMAIER, A.  [Process and Raw Materials for Complete Gasification of Coal and Its Importance in Meeting Further Increased Gas Demands.]  Gas-u. Wasserfach, vol. 84, 1941, pp. 473-477; Chem. Abs., vol. 36, 1942, p. 5333.

        Development of processes for the complete gasification of lignite is reviewed.  2 new processes have been developed for the gasification of bituminous coals by means of O2 and steam, 1 using pulverized coal and the other, the Thyssen-Galocsy process, using lump coal.  The latter process, described, gasifies noncoking coals in a shaft generator from which the slag is removed in molten form.  The section of the generator resembles that of a blast furnace.  To avoid hot spots in the combustion zone, a portion of the injected O2 is mixed in a small precombustion chamber with some of the process gas or other suitable gas.  Decomposition of the added steam is virtually complete at the high temperature employed.  The resulting oxygas can be used for synthesis purposes or methanized to town gas.  The technical problem of methanization using a Ni catalyst is now claimed to be solved.  The efficiency of the Thyssen-Galocsy generator, including gas and tar, is about 90%, or taking into account the energy required for the O2 used, about 80%.  Costs given.