2806.     RENNEKAMP, F.  [Composition of Fat Acids in a Fat Obtained From Oxidation Products of Synthetic Paraffin.]  Ztschr. physiol. Chem., vol. 259, 1939, pp. 235-244; Chem. Zentralb., 1939, II, p. 3061; Chem. Abs., vol. 33, 1939, p. 7605.

                    Synthetic fat contained all the fat acids from C8 to C22 with about equal quantities of odd and even numbers of C atoms.  It melts at 27-29, has I No. 4.2, acid No. O, saponification No. 231, and unsaponifiable 0.3%.  The Me esters were fractionated and some of the acids isolated pure from the fractions.