2804.     REITMEIER, R. E., ATWOOD, K., BENNETT, H. A., AND BAUGH, H. M.  Production of Synthesis Gas by Reacting Light Hydrocarbons Wit Steam and Carbon Dioxide.  Ind. Eng. Chem., vol. 40, 1948, pp. 620-626; Chem. Abs., vol. 42, 1948, p. 4328.

        Study was made by the Girdler Corp. to establish the optimum conditions for the production of synthesis gas mixtures for the Fischer-Tropsch reaction, having a ratio of H2:CO capable of being varied between 0.5 and 3 in the same equipment without running into difficulties brought about by the deposition of C, by controlling the temperature and the composition of the reactant.  This study involved consideration of the equilibria when light hydrocarbons are reacted with steam and CO2 and attempted to predict the conditions necessary to prevent C deposition.  Calculation of the proper proportion of reactants to be introduced into the furnace for the production of the desired ratio was included.  Following this, laboratory-scale experimental work was conducted to determine the possibility of approaching the conditions predicted.  Finally the work was expanded to pilot-plant scale as a successful result of which a plant is being constructed at Bruceton for the Bureau of Mines.  The paper presents curves and formulas that have been developed to facilitate the selection of conditions and reaction mixtures of light hydrocarbons, steam, and/or CO2 to produce a synthesis gas having a wide range of compositions.  Laboratory experimental data are given, which demonstrate that the conditions and compositions predicted by the curves can be closely approached in actual practice.  Pilot-plant investigations also are described, which show that the process is commercially feasible.

        REITSTOETTER, J.  See abs. 3588.