2803a.     REITLINGER, O.  [Increasing the Efficiency of Catalysts for Gas Reactions.]  Chem. Ing.-Tech., vol. 24, 1952, pp. 1-2; Chem. Abs., vol. 46, 1952, p. 3,681.

        Catalysts are prepared by depositing powdered active catalytic metals on catalyst carrier by means of hydrated bonds.  Preparation of an Fe2O3 catalyst is described in detail and data are presented for 6 examples as follows:  Chlorination of CH4 and C2H4, C2H4+HCl→C2H5Cl, C2H2+HCl→C2H3Cl, 2C2H2+3H2O→CH3COCH3+2H2+CO2, and hydrogenation of CO.