2802.     REIS, T.  [Theoretical and Experimental Contributions to the Study of Fluid Catalyst Systems.]  Bull. assoc. franc. techniciens pétrole, No. 76, 1949, pp. 3-44; U.O.P. co. Lib. Bull., Oct. 5, 1949.

        This article is composed of 3 parts.  The 1st part discusses the theory of fluid catalysis and reviews the work of other investigators.  Semiempirical formulas are introduced for making the following calculations:  (a) The length of time the particles are in a reactor; (b) the loss of charge; (c) the distinction between aggregative and particulate fluidization; (d) the initial expansion of the solid particle bed; (e) the efficacy of fluidization; (f) the loss of charge in the case of horizontal or vertical flow of the dispersed suspensions.  The 2d part describes a new experimental method for directly controlling the behavior of dispersed catalyst suspensions.  The 3d part is devoted to new theoretical conceptions of fluidized systems.

        REISEMANN, E.  See abs. 137.