2796.     ---------------.  [REICHL, E. H.]  Synthesis of Hydrocarbons and Chemicals From Carbon Monoxide and Hydrogen.  Low-Pressure Methanol Synthesis.  U. S. Naval Tech. Mission in Europe Rept. 248-45, 1945, pp. 109-113; PB 22,841; TOM Reel 200.

        This synthesis of MeOH is carried out at 30 atm., compared with usual operation at 250 atm.  The work had been carried out on a laboratory scale and a pilot plant had been built.  The process is as follows:  A solution of Na metal in MeOH, 5.8 gm. in 100 gm., is charged to an autoclave and a pressure of 30 atm. set up by feeding CO.  The temperature is maintained at 80.  The crude product, a mixture of MeOH and CH3COOH, is separated from the catalyst salts by distillation and is then hydrogenated over a catalyst of Cu-Cr-Ba oxides at 175-185.  The products of hydrogenation are separated by fractional distillation.  Overall yields of 95% to MeOH are claimed.