2791.     ---------------.  [REICHL, E. H.]  Synthesis of Hydrocarbons and Chemicals From Carbon Monoxide and Hydrogen.  Adsorption of Hydrocarbons on Activated Carbon.  U. S. Naval Tech. Mission in Europe Rept. 248-45, 1945, pp. 31-34; PB 22, 841; TOM Reel 200.

        Process used for recovery of the gasol fraction from the products of the Fischer-Tropsch synthesis by means of activated C is described with reference to a diagram.  In operation, at least 4 adsorbers are required, each chamber being used successively for adsorption, drying, and cooling.  The desorption after adsorption is performed with steam.  The C used, known as Supersorbon, is made from peat and activated by a ZnCl2-steam treatment.  The Lurgi Co. has developed a new C known as SK, which is activated with K2S and is said to have about 2 times the capacity for low-boiling hydrocarbons as Supersorbon.