2786.     REICHL, E. H.  Synthesis of Hydrocarbons and Chemicals From Carbon Monoxide and Hydrogen, U. S. Naval Tech. Mission in Europe Rept. 248-45, 1945, 128 pp.; PB 22,841; TOM Reel 200.

        Contains information on local and production of 9 commercial Fischer-Tropsch plants in Germany; data on the supply and preparation of the Co catalyst; economic and operating data of large-scale commercial operations; development of the middle-pressure units; gas recycle operation; products from Fischer-Tropsch plants; adsorption of hydrocarbons on activated C; development work performed by the several organizations interested in the Fischer-Tropsch operations; the Synol process; synthesis of high-melting point waxes; isosynthesis; isobutanol synthesis; low-pressure MeOH synthesis; and the Oxo synthesis.