2778.     RAVIZZA, G.  [Refinery Gas as a Source of Methane.]  Atti III° convegno naz. metano, vol. 2, 1941, pp. 301-305; Chem. Zentralb., 1942, II, p. 1988; Chem. Abs., vol. 38, 1944, p. 3460.

        Dependent upon raw material used and the methods of refining, refinery gases have a variable composition but consist predominantly of CH4 and contain no hydrocarbons with more than 6 C atoms.  Cracked gases contain, relatively, many unsaturated hydrocarbons, and hydrogenated gases virtually none.  Modern processes for treating refinery gases are discussed.  Gas with S removed, freed from gasoline, butane, and propane, consists essentially of CH4 and can either be compressed and used as fuel gas or used for the preparation of H2.  The economic fundamentals of getting CH4 from refinery gas are discussed.