2776.     RASMUSON, A.  [Production of High-Purity Oxygen and Its Uses in Chemical Industry.]  Tek. Tid., vol. 78, 1948, pp. 155-159; British Abs., 1948, B, I, p. 390.

        Modern German and American processes for the manufacture of O2 by fractionation of liquid air are described.  The Linde-Fränkl plant, using a Fränkl corrugated Al heat exchanger, provides O2 of 98% purity at a cost of 0.64 kw.-hr. per m.3; the American plant using a Collins tubular heat exchanger, provides O2 of 99.5% purity at a cost of 0.5 kw.-hr. per m.3  The main outlet for this cheap O2 is in the manufacture of synthetic fuel gases.  Water gas is made from lignite, steam, and O2 in a Winkler generator or from coke breeze in a Thyssen-Galocsy generator.  The American Hydrocol process utilizes O2 for the partial combustion of natural gas to yield liquid petroleum fuels.  The use of O2 also is being considered for the underground gasification of coal.