2775.     RAPOPORT, I. B., AND POLOZHINTSEVA, E.  [Synthesis of Hydrocarbons From Carbon Oxide and Hydrogen Over Alloyed Catalysts.  II.]  Khim. Tverdogo Topliva, vol. 9, 1938, pp. 64-70; Foreign Petrol. Technol., vol. 6, 1938, pp. 215-246, 293-304; Oil Gas Jour., vol. 38, No. 20, 1939, pp. 52-54; Chem. Abs., vol. 32, 1938, p. 9446.

        Gas mixture, an average composition CO, 31.7; H2, 63.08; CO2, 0.05; O2, 0.2; and N2, 4.97%, after purification and drying was passed into a quartz tube filled with a catalyst, then into a graduated receiver cooled with ice, on to a charcoal scrubber, and then into a gasometer.  A portion of the gas was withdrawn for the analysis.  The quartz tube was kept at 165-220.  Ni-Al, Co-Al, and Co-Si catalysts were used in the powdered and granular forms.  The Ni-Al catalyst reduced in the H2 atmosphere at 350 yielded 140 cc. per m.3 (of gas) of hydrocarbon under the optimal conditions:  vol. velocity 166 at 170.  The Co-Al catalyst, reduced with H2 in the NH3 atm. at 220, yielded 175 cc. per m.3 (of gas) hydrocarbon at 200 and vol. velocity of 83.  The Co-Si catalyst, reduced as the Co-Al catalyst, yielded 109.6 cc. per m.3 (of gas) hydrocarbon at 220 and vol. velocity of 59.  All the above data are given for the catalysts in the granular form; the yield of hydrocarbon using powdered catalysts was somewhat lower.