2772.     RAPOPORT, I. B., AND BLYUDOV, A. P.  [Methane Synthesis.]  Khim. Tverdogo Topliva, vol. 5, 1934, pp. 625-632; Chem. Abs., vol. 29, 1935, p. 2905.

        CH4 synthesis is effective, using CO and H2 over a Ni catalyst at 250 at 270 the conversion of CO is 99%.  A Ni-Mn catalyst permits of carrying out the reaction at 200-204.  A considerable amount of CO2 is formed when the temperature is raised to 250-280.  A Ni-Mn-Al catalyst at the above temperature promotes the simultaneous formation of CO2 and CH4.  Mo catalyst promotes CH4 formation at 350-400; this reaction slows down and a considerable amount of CO2 is produced when the above temperature is exceeded.  Addition of Al2O3 has almost no effect on the yield of various products.  The operations are described in detail, and analytical data are tabulated.