2770.     RANDALL, M., AND MOHAMMAD, A.  Synthesis and Free Energy of Methane.  Ind. Eng. Chem., vol. 21, 1929, pp. 1048-1052; Chem. Abs., vol. 24, 1930, p. 333.

        Equilibrium in the formation of CH4 from graphite and H2 and in the reverse reaction was determined at high temperatures, 1,024-1,237.  The catalyst was reduced Ni with ceria as a promoter.  The free energy and heat of reaction of CH4 calculated from the experiments agree with the values found from the indirect measurements of Randall and Gerard (abs. 2769).  F298.1= -11,573 cal. and ∆H298.1= -16,963 cal. ∆F= -14,343+11.1 TinT 0.0081T2+0.0000006T3 51.591T.  Compares and discusses results of other workers at different temperatures.