2764.     RADEMACHER, H.  [Wintershall-Schmalfeldt Process for Gasifying Crude Brown Coal.]  Feuerungstech., vol. 28, 1940, pp. 85-86; Chem. Abs., vol. 35, 1941, p. 6091.

        Wintershall-Schmalfeldt process, based on the use of friable raw brown coal, gasifies the small fuel in a circulating stream of synthesis gas charged with the vapor produced by the drying.  The combination of synthesis-gas manufacture with drying in suspension, without intermediate separation of dust, is one characteristic feature.  Another is heating of the circulating gas stream by regenerators, which are themselves heated by the combustion air being preheated to a high temperature, 1,300 C.  This is necessary to cover the heat requirements of the water-gas reaction and to maintain temperatures high enough for gasification, making possible high outputs and the production of gas low in CH4.  An illustration shows the general arrangement of the plant.