2763a.     RADANČEVIĆ, M.  [Synthesis-Gas Production by Partial Oxidation of Methane.]  Nafta (Yugoslavia), vol. 3, No. 12, 1952, pp. 5-11; Fuel Abs., vol. 12, o. 2, 1952, abs. 1485; Chem. Abs., vol. 46, 1952, p. 11,636.

        Experiments on synthesis-gas production by partial oxidation of CH4 over catalysts containing various amounts of Ni on SiO2 gel are described.  Catalysts were prepared by impregnating SiO2 gel of 2-mm. size with Ni(NO3)2.6 H2O solutions, drying several hours, calcining 1 hr. at 500 in an air stream, and reducing in pure H2 30 min. at 500.  Catalytic conversions have been carried out in an electric-tube reactor containing 25.4-29.4 cc. catalyst.  The optimum conditions for the reaction were:  Inlet gas rate, 1.12 liter per min., O2:CH4 mol. ratio 0.6 and a temperature of 850.  The optimum amount of Ni on the carrier giving no better yields of synthesis gas.  Equilibrium conditions from available thermal data have been calculated and presented.