2763.     RACINE, J.  [Study of the Reducing Properties of Methane.]  Compt. rend., vol. 220, 1945, pp. 823-825; Chem. Abs., vol. 40, 1946, p. 3672.

        Reduction of some metallic oxides by CH4 was studied at temperatures up to 1,100.  The following were reduced:  CuO, ZnO, CdO, HgO, PbO2, Cr2O3, MoO3, NiO, WO3.  The following were not reduced:  MgO, CaO, Al2O3.  MnO is converted to a carbide at 800.  C2H2 appears at 825.  Fe2O3 is reduced to an unidentified oxide at 400, and to Fe at 800; a carbide is formed at 1,050.  C2H2 is formed at 800; C is deposited at 1,000.  Co2O3 is reduced to CoO at 450, and to Co at 800; a carbide is formed at 1,000.