2762.     QUIRK, R. N.  Combined Intelligence Objective Subcommittee Investigation of Ruhr Synthetic Oil Plants.  Preliminary Progress Report.  TIIC Rept. 17, 1945, 9 pp. PB 17; Nat. Petrol. News, vol. 37, No. 45, 1945, pp. R 861-864.

        Brief description of the conditions and work at several plants interested in synthetic oils, etc.  Brief summary of the technical work carried on, such as preparation and purification of synthesis gas; catalyst ovens; catalysts; method of operation of the process; the Oxo process for treating C12-C17 olefins to produce aldehydes; coal hydrogenation; the Pott-Broche process and the use of pitch; vapor-phase hydrogenation; the D.H.D. process for dehydrogenating naphthenes; use of propane and butane; carbonization and gasification; Lurgi pressure gasification process; Krupp-Lurgi low-temperature carbonization process; brown-coal low-temperature carbonization by the so-called “Spül-gas” process; coke ovens; hard-coal tar and brown-coal tar.