2758a.     ---------------.  [PURSGLOVE, J.]  Economic Coal Conversion, Is It Possible?  Ohio State Univ., Eng. Expt. News, vol. 23, Oct. 1951, pp. 7, 8, 37-40.

        Paper was given at the Second Annual Ohio Mineral Ind. Conf., Oct. 5, 1951.  Bergius and Fischer-Tropsch processes are discussed.  They are considered to be uneconomic under present United States conditions.  The Pittsburgh Consolidated Coal Co., has developed a process by which partial conversion of coal will yield a char residue suitable for boiler fuel and 30-40 gal. of liquid fuel and 1,000 cu. ft. of high-B.t.u. gas per ton.  Plant cost will be 10% that of a hydrogenation plant and 15% of a Fischer-Tropsch plant.  Chemicals and ash-free C will be produced in the hydrogenation plant rather than gasoline or gas.