2753.     PRITZER, G. G.  Production of Synthetic Lubricating Oil by Condensation and Polymerization.  Nat. Petrol. News, vol. 38, 1946, pp. 606, 608, 610, 612; Petrol. Processing, vol. 1, 1946, pp. 58-59, 61-64.

                    General survey of literature and patents on the production of synthetic lubricants.  One of the most highly developed processes is the thermal or catalytic polymerization or condensation of unsaturated olefinic hydrocarbons such as C2H4.  C2H2 is catalytically reduced to C2H4 and this is polymerized to lubricating oil.  Olefins from the Fischer-Tropsch process are used as raw materials.  The silent electric treatment of various hydrocarbons and fatty materials also results in the production of lubricating oil.