2498.     ---------------.  [ODELL, W. W.]  Gasification of Solid Fuels in Germany by the Lurgi, Winkler, and Leuna Slagging-Type Gas-Producer Process.  Bureau of Mines Inf. Circ. 7415, 1947, 46 pp.; PB 97,778.

        Each of the 3 processes uses O2 and steam, and the Winkler fluidized and the Lurgi pressure processes use finely divided, highly reactive fuel, whereas the slagging-type process uses sized furnace coke.  It is believed that the Winkler process as now developed and the Lurgi process with some improvement or in a modified form may be used effectively under certain conditions and with particular fuels in the United States.  This is especially true with low-cost fuel and O2.  Operating data relative to the 3 processes are presented in tabulated and summarized form.  Some analysis of O2 cost is given, and some data on the manufacture of city gas in conjunction with the production of synthetic liquid hydrocarbons are appended.

        OELSEN, W.  See abs. 1965.