2494.     ODELL, W. W.  Commercial Possibilities in the Use of Synthetic Hydrocarbon Processes in the Gas Industry.  Bureau of Mines Rept. of Investigations 2903, 1928, 15 pp.; Fuel, vol. 8, 1929, pp. 178-187; Chem. Abs., vol. 23, 1929, p. 1245.

        Peak requirements demand available gas-generating apparatus, which is idle a large part of the year.  To care for irregular demand, as well as to insure independence of petroleum products for enriching, it has been suggested that water-gas and synthetic hydrocarbon production be carried out together to give an enriched gas.  During off-peak demand, liquid hydrocarbons could be prepared for motor fuels and for enriching requirements of future peak gas production.  Enough data are not available to determine the applicability of this process; purification requirements are uncertain, and the commercial development of the proper type of catalyst has not been studied.