2492.     OBRYADCHIKOV, S. N., AND MARUSHKIN, B. K.  [Investigation of the Fluid Catalyst Process.]  Neftyanoe Khoz., vol. 24, No. 11, 1946, pp. 36-45; Chem. Abs., vol. 41, 1947, p. 3946.

        Laws relating to the behavior of finely divided solid particles in conditions simulating the fluid catalyst process were studied on models made of glass, by using the fine sand suspended in a stream of water.  Data obtained on the particle concentration (in gm./cc.) and the height of the fluidized layer of sand of different sizes, at various water-feed rates, are given in graphs.  It is shown that the pressure losses are directly proportional to the weight of the particles in the fluidized layer.  In a system with continuous circulation of the catalyst from the bottom towards the top, the concentration of the catalyst at various levels of the reactor can be determined by measuring the pressure gradient at the different levels or, conversely, with uniform concentration of the flowing catalyst in the cylindrical portion of the reactor, the pressure loss is proportional to the height of the layer.