2488.     ---------------.  [OBERFELL, G. G.]  Reserves of Natural Gas.  Oil Gas Jour., vol. 47, No. 46, 1949, pp. 118, 122, 125, 126, 129, 133, 137.

        As of January 1, 1949, the total proved reserves of natural gas in the United States amount to 174 trillion cu. ft. or about a 37-yr. supply based on consumption in 1948.  It is expected that further exploration will add materially to this figure and that such additions, plus an everchanging competitive fuel picture, will result in adequate natural-gas supplies for many years to come.  The uses and probable development along chemical lines are discussed, and the conversion to liquid fuels by the Fischer-Tropsch synthesis process is reviewed.  It is not believed that the peak synthetic-gasoline production from natural gas will ever amount to more than a minor proportion of the total gasoline supply of the Nation, because of the many other profitable markets for natural gas.