2486.     OBERDISSE, K.  [Utilization of Synthetic Fats in the Human and Animal Organism.]  Ztschr. ges. exptl. Med., vol. 114, 1944, pp. 60-74; Chem. Abs., vol. 44, 1950, p. 2615.

        Fatty acids, obtained in the Fischer-Tropsch synthesis, were nearly saturated and contained even and odd numbers of C atoms between C10 and C20.  In man an average of 6.5%, in dogs 7.9%, of a simple dose of fat was found in the feces; 2/3 of it was in the form of free fatty acids and soaps.  The blood-fat level rose to a maximum in men and dogs 3 hr. after feeding.  The blood ketone bodies increased 95 and 100% in men and dogs, respectively, the maximum being reached some time after the maximum fat value.  The alkali reserve was not affected.  The synthetic fats were as well tolerated as the natural ones.