2470.     NIKITIN, N. I., AND SHARKOV, V. I.  [Adsorption of Gases by Finely Disintegrated Metals.]  Jour. Russian Phys.-Chem. Soc., vol. 58, 1926, pp. 1095-1100; Chem. Abs., vol. 22, 1928, p. 1074.

        Adsorption of H2, CO2 and NH3 gases was investigated.  The following powders were used:  Cu, Pb, Fe, Co, Ni, Ni-Al2O3 mixture and Ag.  Pb and Cu powders were obtained by reducing the basic compounds.  Ag was obtained from the silver gel, which was dried in vacuum.  Virtually no adsorption could be noticed with Pb or Cu powders; this is probably due to recrystillation of metals during the process of reduction.  Ag adsorbed only a small amount of H2, considerably more of CO2.  5.512 gm. adsorbed 13.9 cc. of CO2 (converted to 760 mm. and 0) at 81.  Pyrophoric Fe adsorbed 11.5 cc. NH3 at 97 and 158.6 mm. and 53.7 cc. at 18.2 and 556 mm.  No adsorption occurred at higher temperature.  Co adsorbs 10 times less than Fe.  Ni powder did not adsorb any gases except when mixed with Al2O3.  A mixture of 82.4% Ni and 17.6% Al2O3 was able to adsorb gases.  4.454 gm. adsorbed at 15, 760 mm., 190 cc. NH3; at 18.2, 760 mm., 281 cc.  After heating and applying vacuum, this mixture was freed from NH3, gas and used again for the adsorption of CO2.  At 15 and 760 mm. 15.9 cc. CO2 gas was adsorbed.  Al2O3 without Ni, 4.6338 gm., adsorbed at 15 and 760 mm., 168 cc. gas.  H2 not adsorbed by Al2O3.