2462.     NIELSEN, H.  Oil From Coal.  Gas. Jour., vol. 174, 1926, pp. 591-592, 650-653, 732-734; Chem. Abs., vol. 21, 1927, p. 2371.

        Processes of low-temperature carbonization, the Bergius process, and Fischerís Synthol process are compared from the point of view of the economic conversion of coal into oil.  Emphasis is laid on the importance of producing a primary oil by low-temperature carbonization.  The Fischer-Tropsch Synthol process (abs. 1015) is discussed, and it is concluded that the most efficient method at present available for conversion of coal into oils consists in (a) low-temperature carbonization in the Laing and Nielsen retort, and (b) use of the coke as a source of water-gas and conversion of the latter into Synthol.