2460.     NICOLAI, J., D’HONT, M., AND JUNGERS, J. C.  [Synthesis of Methane From Carbon Dioxide and Hydrogen Over Nickel.]  Bull. soc. chim. belg., vol. 55, 1946, pp. 160-176; Chem. Abs., vol. 41, 1947, p. 4699.

        Kinetics are compared for the hydrogenation of CO and CO2 over Ni in the pressure range of 0.1-1 atm. and temperature range 180°-300°.  Kinetics of the CO-H2 reaction indicate that H2 is feebly adsorbed, CO strongly adsorbed by Ni.  The velocity is not significantly affected by the presence of the products.  Reaction is more rapid when D2 is used in place of H2.  Kinetics of the CO2-H2 reaction indicate that both reactants are weakly adsorbed, the products retard the reaction and D2 behaves exactly like H2.  Hydrogenation of CO is slower and has a higher activation energy than that of CO2.  When a mixture of CO and CO2 is hydrogenated, the CO, very strongly adsorbed, reacts completely first, the CO2 then reacts more rapidly.