2452.     ---------------.  [NEWMAN, L. L.]  Oxygen Production, Utilization in Gas-making Processes.  Gas, vol. 22, No. 12, 1946, pp. 43-44.

        Digest of a paper presented at the American Gas Association convention, October 1946.  The use of O2 in place of air in a gas producer makes the problem of complete gasification relatively simple.  A survey of manufacturers of large-scale O2 plants has put the cost of O2 at about $0.14-$0.18 per 1,000 cu. ft.  Several processes have been developed for the utilization of O2 in gas making:  Those with the fixed-fluidized beds such as the Winkler, the O2 requirements of which are high; the powdered-fuel types with fuel in suspension which promise economy in fuel and O2 consumption and adaptability to any suitably grindable coal; the fixed-fuel-bed types with mechanical grates and high pressures; the pressure types which have a high capital cost and a high fuel and steam consumption and require a noncaking coal.  In general local conditions of fuel, labor and power costs will determine which process is most likely to succeed.  The high investment cost of O2 plant will make the production of gas by the use of O2 economical only as a base-load proposition.