2449.     NEWMAN, L. L.  Thyssen-Galocsy Slagging Gas Producer.  CIOS Rept. XXIX-51, 1945, TOM Reel 198, Solid Fuels Rept. 46, PB 955.

        Report of the operation of a Thyssen-Galocsy slagging gas producer of 40 ton per day gasifying capacity at the Wanne-Eickel plant of the Krupp Triebstoffwerk.  The purpose was to demonstrate the feasibility of gasifying any grade of fuel in any size or combination of sizes 5-80 mm., coking or noncoking, regardless of the ash-fusing temperature.  The generator was shaped like a blast furnace, 35 ft. high and 10 ft. in diameter, 3 levels of tuyères with 5 tuyères at each level, those of the lowest level being water-cooled and burning gas from the producer itself, or any other source in a mixture of O2 and steam and admitted into the fuel bed at a temperature high enough to cause the steam and CO2 to react with the C.  The tuyères at the upper levels admit additional O2 to supply heat to balance the amount required for the reduction of the steam and CO2 and to melt the ash.  Only 1 of the 2 upper levels is used at a time.  The slag is removed through a tap hole 650 mm. above the bottom of the shaft, which is lined to a height of 1 m. with slag resistant refractory.  A temperature of 1,600° in the fuel bed was found necessary for trouble-free operation.  O2 for the operation was supplied by the Hibernia Stickstoffwerk, but it was thought that cheap O2 (1-2 pf. per m.3) could be produced by using coal screenings to generate steam at high pressure for driving the turbo-blowers and compressors in the Linde-Fränkl plant and by using the exhaust steam in the gasification process.  The results of 1 day of a typical 3-day test are presented:  O2, 90% pure, consumed 25,000 m.3, steam 18.9 tons, auxiliary gas, produced in the process, 17,250 m.3, coke, 40-60 min. diam., ash 8.5%, 6,865 kcal. per kg., 41.3 tons; yields of gas, less auxiliary gas, 89,270 m.3, analysis CO2 2.1, O2 0.1, CO 71.0, H2 23.3, CH4 0.2 and N2 3.3%, 2,760 cal. per m.3, steam decomposition 90.1%, gasification 86.7 %, requirements for each cubic meter of oxygas, 0.29 m.3 O2, 0.21 kg. steam and 0.46 kg. coke.  It is not considered that these tests have reached the peak of capacity of the unit, but that higher results will be attained when unlimited supplies of O2 are available.