2446.     NEWITT, D. M., AND MOMEN, S. A.  Synthesis of Aliphatic Acids by Interaction of Olefins With Carbon Monoxide and Steam and Related Reactions.  Jour. Chem. Soc., 1949, pp. 2945-2948.

        It is shown that C2H4 and CO, in the presence of a suitable catalyst and at temperatures of 250 and upward, can unite with neutral or basic molecules, such as H2O, EtOH, benzyl alcohol, NH3, and aniline, to give acids, esters and amines.  The synthesis of propionic acid by this reaction has been studied at 150-400 atm. and 250-330.  The yield of acid in the products depends on the relative rates of its formation and thermal decomposition and also on the extent to which CO undergoes decomposition to CO2.