2441.     NEWEY, H. A., SHOKAL, E. C., MUELLER, A. C., BRADLEY, T. F., AND FETTERLY, L. C.  Drying Oils and Resins Segregation of Fatty Acids and Their Derivatives by Extractive Crystallization With Urea.  Ind. Eng. Chem., vol. 42, 1950, pp. 2538-2541; Chem. Abs., vol. 45, 1951, p. 2230.

        When a mixture of fat acids or their derivatives (Me esters, alcohols, nitriles) is allowed to react with urea, with or without solvent, the more saturated components form insoluble adducts.  A stereochemical explanation is given.  Thus 250 gm. linseed-oil fat acids (I No. 180) in 250 gm. MeCOCHMeEt is mixed with 2 l. of saturated aqueous urea, the resulting precipitate filtered off and decomposed with H2O, yielding 16% of a fraction of I No. 54.  Glyceride oils did not form precipitates.  Numerical data on the segregation of various fat acids and derivatives are given.  25 refs.