2436.     NEUMANN, B., KRÖGER, C. AND FINGAS, E.  [Water-Gas Generation From Coal and Coke.]  Gas- u. Wasserfach, vol. 75, 1932, pp. 972-973, 973-974; Ztschr. Elektrochem., vol. 38, 1932, pp. 936-938; Chem. Abs., vol. 27, 1933, p. 827.

        Polemical (abs. 713).  The degree of attainment of the water-gas equilibrium depends more on the ash content of the given coke than on its reactivity.  Dolch’s conclusions also apply only to a limited temperature range.  Dolch has not proved that CO2 is not formed directly by the reaction of H2O on C.  Experiments with graphite showed that additions of Fe2O3, CuO, and K2O all increased its reactivity but that only the 1st oxide permitted attainment of the water-gas equilibrium.