2435.    NEUMANN, B., AND KÖHLER, G.  [Equilibrium Relations in the Water-Gas Reaction in the Temperature Range 300°-1,000°].  Ztschr. Elektrochem., vol. 34, 1928, pp. 218-237; Chem. Abs., vol. 22, 1928, p. 2868.

        Equilibrium values for the reaction, CO+H2O=CO2+H2, were accurately determined at temperatures 300°-1,000° by a dynamic method.  The catalyst used was Co oxide; this was replaced at the lower temperatures by Fe oxide in order to avoid the formation of CH4.  Small amounts of Al2O3 and KOH were present in the catalyst to increase its hardness and to act as a promoter.  The values obtained for the equilibrium constant, K=(CO)(H2O)/(CO2)(H2), were reproducible and were virtually the same at each temperature regardless of the direction in which the equilibrium was approached.  From the value K986°=1.61, a value slightly higher than that obtained by Hahn, the integration constant of the reaction isochore was found to be 0.84 and ΔHo=9,500 cal.  The curve obtained from the isochore with these values agrees with the experimental data.  The value of the integration constant also agrees with that obtained from vapor pressure data according to the Nernst heat theorem.  The constants calculated by combination of the equilibria Fe-O-H and Fe-O-C, from the results of Eastman (abs. 762) and of Hofmann (abs. 1451) agree only partly with the observed values.