2433.     NEUMANN, B., AND BILJCEVIC, P.  [Catalytic Preparation of Formaldehyde.]  Ztschr. angew. Chem., vol. 40, 1927, pp. 1469-1474; Chem. Abs., vol. 22, 1928, p. 760.

        Theoretical considerations show that in CO2-H2 mixtures at equilibrium only traces of HCHO can be present.  Only traces were produced in porcelain and SiO2 tubes at varying temperatures without catalyst or with the following:  Silica-gel, Ce2O3, V2O3, NaOH-CaO, CuCl2, activated C and Cl2, CuCl2, on silica-gel, Pd sponge, hopcalite, Fe-Pd, Ni-Fe-Pd, Fe-Co, Mn-Co, and others.