2429.     NEKRASOV, P.  [Substitutes for Petroleum in U.S.S.R.]  Planovoe Khoz., 1939, No. 11, pp. 28-44; Khim. Referat. Zhur., 1940, No. 6, p. 106; Chem. Abs., vol. 36, 1942, p. 4994.

        Motor fuel can be produced in U.S.S.R. by destructive hydrogenation of fuel, by semicoking of coals and shales, and by synthesis from gases.  Benzene, alcohol, and gases can be used as motor fuel.  Fuel suspensions and mixtures of coal with sulfurous fuel oil can be used in the metallurgical and the transportation industries.

        NELSON, E. F.  See abs. 776.