2427.     NEIDIG, C. P.  formaldehyde Presents a Changing Economic Picture.  Chem. Inds., vol. 61, 1947, pp. 214-217.

        Formaldehyde production has tripled since 1939.  In addition to an increase in the facilities for its manufacture by MeOH oxidation, production by direct oxidation of petroleum hydrocarbons continues to gain on a relative basis.  From only 3 producers in 1937, the number has increased to 12 producers with 17 plants and 6 under construction.  Eight plants use an Ag catalyst, at least 2 use an Fe-Mo oxide catalyst for the oxidation of MeOH.  2 plants use petroleum gases as the raw material and 1 will use a natural-gas cut.  Little CH2O is expected from the modified Fischer-Tropsch plants now being constructed.  They will produce small quantities of MeOH, but, in the main, the oxygenated products will be C2 and higher.