2426.     NEGISHI, R., NIBAYASHI, M., AND KAMIIKE, O.  Hydrocarbons From Carbide; Noncatalytic Polymerization Under Elevated Pressure. II.  Hydrogen-Carbide and Water Gas-Carbide Systems.  Jour. Soc. Chem. Ind. (Japan), vol. 45, 1942, suppl. binding, pp. 215-216 (in English); Chem. Abs., vol. 45, 1951, p. 535.

        Yield of liquid product in the CaC2-H2-Al(OH)3 system increases with increasing total pressure up to 100 kg./sq. cm. and then decreases.  The amount of saturated gases increases with the total pressure.  Decreasing the temperature increases the ratio of unsaturated to saturated compounds.  Water gas in place of H2 gives about the same yields of liquid products, and pressure has the same effect.  The yield of saturated gases depends on the partial pressure of H2.  CO2 in place of H2 increases the yield of liquid product.  The mechanism is discussed.