2411.     NEGISHI, R.  Qualitative Consideration on the Mechanism of Synthesis of Higher Alcohols From Carbon Monoxide and Hydrogen and From Lower Alcohols.  I.  Mechanism for Primary Alcohols.  Rev. Phys. Chem. Japan, vol. 18, 1944, pp. 47-57; Chem. Abs., vol. 41, 1947, p. 4770.

                    From the already established results that BuOH is obtained from 2 mol. EtOH, PrOH from EtOH and MeOH, and MePrCH2OH from EtOH and iso-PrOH, the mechanism of synthesis of higher alcohols from lower alcohols in the presence of CaC2 can best be explained by Graves’ extension of Guerbet’s direct dehydration theory except for the modification that a H atom of –CH2 reacts readily, provided the –CH3 is in the a position (adjacent tot he carbinol radical).