2405.     NAUMANN, F. K.  [Steels for Plants Producing Motor Fuels.]  Chem. Fabrik, vol. 11, 1938, pp. 365-376; Chem. Abs., vol. 32, 1938, p. 7387.

        Fischer benzine synthesis at low pressures and temperatures requires no special steel equipment, but cracking processes up to 70 atm. and 600 require steels with special resistance to attack by H2S and to high temperatures.  Hydrogenation up to 700 atm. places still higher requirements on steels, the extent to which alloyed steels meet these demands was investigated, and some effects on chemical composition and physical properties are shown by 18 graphs, 22 photomicrographs and numerous cuts.  A plan of equipment for test steels in H2 up to 1,000 atm. is given.  12 refs.